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Riga Travel Company specialise in Baltic holidays. As travel experts to the Baltics, we use our in depth knowledge of the region to tailor holidays in Latvia, Lithuania,  Estonia, Russia, Poland and Finland to match our customers' needs.  You ca

We are glad to present ourselves to you. We are young, five years old but experienced, our tours are covering territory of Latvia, Russia and the rest of Baltic, travel agency.
Today we offer you our best program of tours in Latvia. There are several routes you can chose including culture and history as well as nature and ecology oriented tours.
Latvia is a very special area. The nature reflects mixture of both continental beauties of forests and hills as well as softness and freshness the Baltic Sea brings in. The culture of Latvia developed through centuries of German, Swedish, Polish and Russian dominance, accepting the best of those cultures, the same time preserving its genuinely unique features. Latvia is also famous for its Ligo (or Johnnys Day) celebrations, opera and ancient music festivals, cinema festivals and art exhibitions. Except for tours we offer a standard travel agencys services such as arrangement of business meetings, renting flats, etc.Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.
We are looking forward to hearing from you as well as seeing you in Latvia

Address: 1050 Riga Latvija ul. Pushkina, d. 3, of. 21
Phone: (371) 6720-44-41, 29-143 -147
Fax: (371) 6722-77-48
e-mail: Send an e-mail

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