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Solnce Yuga LLC

production of rice and rice flour
production of rice and rice flour

"Solnce Yuga", LLC, Company is top-ranked enterprise sustained working in food market of Southern Federal District of Russia.
Kuban this is blessed land, pearl of Russia. They cultivate millions of tons of wheat, corn, rice grains, soy beans and others cereal crops in Kuban fields annually.
"Solnce Yuga", LLC, produces rice flour according to GOST, TS (technical specifications) out of ecologically clean rice grits of Russian production. Flour is provided with hygienic confinement, permitting its utilization on the shop floor of food industry and public catering, quality certificates and other obligatory documents.
We realize manufacture of our products according to high worldwide standards at European equipment, by high-class experts. We successfully solve problems on manufacturing of healthful prime quality products, substituting chemically modified ingredients with natural ones.
Our responsibility and reliability in business cooperation to partners ensure prosperous activity of "Solnce Yuga", LLC, Company.
Rice flour it is starch-containing product. This is gluten-free substitution for wheat, rye, oat, and buckwheat flours. It is easily digested, has high nutritive value, takes top position in bioavailability of protein. It is source of wide spectrum of natural micronutrient elements, vitamins, mineral substances, including biotin and zinc.
If your company produces infant and dietic food; meat, dairy and fish products; semi-finished products, preserves, confectionary, macaroni products, chips, pellets, sauces and ketchups; breading and dusting for stuffs; and if you are required in substitution or volume reduction of geno-modified starch, concentrate and soya protein utilization, you need our product - rice flour.
We hope that you will appreciate the result of our contribution.

Address: Krasnodar ul.Kr.Partizan,559
Phone: (861)221-37-53, 226-21-85
Fax: (861)2213753
e-mail: Send an e-mail

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